Based in Germany, Muller are an internationally recognised company within the liquid waste management industry, who have the expertise to be able to custom build their Recyclers and Jet-Vacs to provide clients with tailored made solutions to meet their needs. Some key aspects about Muller include:

  1. Technological innovations to reduce the difficulty with drain location using real time GPS tagging – Muller Cockpit Technology
  2. Provide bespoke solutions to meet specific client requirements
  3. Technical expertise and a culture of innovation, co-operation and trust.

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Based in Sweden, Rolba are a highly experienced company with over 50 years’ experience developing cleaning/vacuuming equipment for liquid waste management. They specialise in tankers that lift hazardous and awkward waste using blower technology. Their main products include:

  1. Blower pumps to increase payload
  2. Blower Pumps to increase the depth of suction and also increases the payload carrying capacity
  3. High air flow vacuum tankers

Additional information on the company and its dedicated staff can be found at:




Gerotto are an Italian based company who have established themselves as suppliers of creative products to that allow for remote controlled robots to clean the toughest and unreachable places keeping operators at a safe distance from the polluting materials. These products provide a solution to traditionally very dangerous cleaning jobs and the robots also have the advantage of being highly customisable.

Gerotto have several robots and mini excavators with some very exciting innovative accessories. Additional information on them can be found at : or our Sales Director at Roadvacs is always available to complete a walkthrough of what these nifty products can achieve.




Innovative solutions in water jetting tools are the core proficiencies of enz. Since founded in 1985, enz has become a worldwide leader. With its own production in Giswil (canton OW, Switzerland), enz is able to deliver within two days. Main export areas include Europe, North America and Asia. In the USA and in the UK, enz has its own subsidiaries. More than 200 partners worldwide strengthen enz as a worldwide leader. Focused on bringing continuous innovative solutions, enz reinvests 10% in R&D. To develop and produce tools in Swiss precision is self-evident for enz. A strong and healthy drive keeps enz looking positive into the future.




PTC was founded jointly by René de Vos, Ferry van der Valk from ID-tec BV and Jaap Verkaik from PTC SRL as a local total supplier in the field of high-pressure water jets in Northern Europe.

At PTC you will find a specialized and experienced team, SIR certification, service and maintenance of all brands, advice and development of tailor-made solutions and an extensive range of high-pressure units, pumps, hoses, parts and accessories for all high-pressure applications under one roof. In addition, we are working hard to make the modern rental fleet of high-pressure units and accessories operational up to 2800 bar before January.