About Us

Roadvacs Ltd was established in 2013 in response to identifying a major gap in the market providing custom built liquid waste management solutions to clients in the UK and Irish markets. Based on the expertise gathered in the industry by both Directors Donal Kearney and Gerry Campbell over a 30 year period, they were well placed to establish and build the company into the renowned, client focused and trusted company it is known as today.  

While it is extremely important to Roadvacs to ensure that we provide a quality product it is equally as important that we provide our clients with that partnership throughout the lifespan of the product. As such Roadvacs also provides our clients with a thorough and extensive maintenance service with 3 mobile service units throughout the UK and a recently established new service center and workshop in Alfreton. This ensures our clients are secure in the knowledge that the company is always here for them and can quickly respond when the need arises. 

Based on Roadvacs commitment to quality, we have specifically chosen the partners that we work with based on the commitment to quality and customer service. We have established trusted relationships with the below partners and are confident to stand over the superior products they produce.

We are the sole distributors in the United Kingdom and Ireland for the German manufacturer Müller Umwelttechnik Gmbh & Co. KG. and the Swedish manufacturer Rolba Svenska AB.