Cameras & Lights

Intrinsically safe cameras and lights, explosion proof guaranteed..

To preserve the safety of operators working in ATEX areas with high explosion risk, Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has created a modular video-inspection system, which can be mounted on Gerotto’s Mini Robot Excavators, and is composed of ATEX zone 0 certified cameras and lights, and monitor display which can be only certified for ATEX zone 1.

Because of their ability to work in very poor light conditions, lights and cameras can be used at any time. They can be attached to a standard handle that allows the movement in every direction, so they can illuminate the whole working environment sending real time images to the monitor, in a totally safe way.



Intrinsically safe camera KTi-6 is used to transmit video images in real time from explosion risk areas. It is perfect for works in confined spaces with the presence of methane gas or coal dust (group I in ATEX classification), and also in Zone 0, 1 and 2 (G) or 20, 21, 22 (D) (group II).



LIL-1 is an intrinsically safe device, created for the illumination of zones with dangerous atmospheres, to avoid any possible explosion.

It can be used inside explosion risk environments, such as mines, refineries or offshore platforms, and emits lights of different colours depending on customization (white, red, green, yellow or infrared): for this reason it can be also used as a signalling device.

Used together with explosion-proof video-inspection systems, LIL-1 illuminates the field of view of the camera and, in specific mining environments, it signals the end of the train.

Why choose it?

Gerotto’s video-inspection system is certified for operations in areas classified as ATEX Zone 0, such as: 

● chemical, energy and food plants; 

● petrol stations;

● heating plants;

● hubs of power plants;

● offshore platforms.


The system can be customized depending on the client’s needs, adding or removing cameras and lights, and choosing the position of the monitor. It is also possible to install cameras and lights in a fixed position or on Gerotto’s Mini Robot Excavators. 

The whole system can be completely personalized depending on the type of work, the working area and the operator’s needs.

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