Remote controlled, pneumatic Mini Robot, equipped with upper rotating water nozzles.

FTC-NME (Fuel Tank Cleaning – No Man Entry) is a remote controlled, pneumatic mini robot, equipped with three upper rotating nozzles that can be pointed laterally or frontally and spray high pressure water or chemical products to clean the inner surfaces of the tanks.

The current version features:

  • Power pack for moving the robot and control working parameters.
  • Explosion-proof touch-screen monitor and camera, connected together, to allow the operator to remotely control the robot.
  • High pressure nozzles placed on the upper part of the machine (to wash the internal surfaces of the tank), and in the lower part (to clean the floor in front of the suction mouth).
  • Suction mouth to collect the effluent and transfer it to the aspirating machine.
  • Rubber tracks to climb over obstacles, such as the reinforcement elements inside the tank.

Why choose it?

FTC-NME is the ideal solution for periodic maitenance in underground fuel tanks: it cleans the internal surfaces, eliminating material sediment and encrustations. This extremely dangerous operation is traditionally carried out by personnel directly lowered into the tank and exposed to the evident risk of explosions or toxic gas exhalations.

It is ATEX Zone 0 certified, then suitable for areas where the explosive atmosphere is present for more than 1000 hours/year, and can be connected to Vacuum Trucks and Industrial Aspirators. It works by high pressure washing, oil and liquid suction and by the emission of chemical products for the removal of residual oil.

Thanks to the Mini Robot designed and produced by Gerotto Federico S.r.l. it is possible to obtain many advantages:

  • operators can carry out the cleaning job far from dangerous areas through the touchscreen monitor;
  • the work is done with higher precision and attention;
  • cleaning and maintenance time and costs are considerably reduced.