A serious combination unit Canal master from Muller uses powerful jetting and vacuum performance for deep sewer cleaning and maintenance. With its impressive capacity, Canal Master provides high power vacuum and air conveying loading and has the capability of lifting waste from depths beyond the constraints of vacuum loading. The Canal master has an equally impressive jetting system with a full range of flows and pressures. The Canal master is a vacuum tanker that also combines jetting to give a vehicle highly suitable for deep sewer cleaning.

Product Options

  • Movable partition
  • Tipping tank
  • 4″ to 6″ boom
  • 4″ to 6″ cassette
  • Stainless steel
  • Liquid ring
  • Air mover

Maintenance tasks for sewers cannot be carried out profitably without the widely-used high-pressure cleaning system.

The growing need to reduce costs by providing a more complete service around the cleaning of sewers means that the efficiency of the cleaning process is of vital importance, so long as a reduction can be achieved at the same time in the use of drinking water.

The superstructures of this model is mounted on a chassis with two, three or four axles and have different features and sizes. They are noted for their robust and uncomplicated technology, easy operation and low maintenance requirements. The water treatment system consists of several cleaning stages and works continuously.

Currently, sewerage and drainage systems are subject to regular checks and inspections within the framework of preventive maintenance, carried out by public and private companies specialising in waste disposal.