The mini Dozer RC is Gerotto’s solution for moving and removing materials in difficult to reach places, because of their small height from the ground.

Specifically created for loading, moving and unloading material up to 200 Kg [441 lb], Dozer RC is extremely easy to use and is radiocontrolled.

Dozer RC has got characteristics that make it unique in its category:

  • it is the lowest machine in its category (minimum height 500 mm [20″]);
  • the engine can be lifted up to move the machine even when tracks are covered with liquids;
  • it can work with two different configurations: classic, to load and transport the material, and alternative, for moving the material by lifting the blade from the bottom to the top.

Why choose it?

Perfect for working in dangerous and confined spaces, Dozer RC is mainly used in mines, potlines cleaning, tanks and in areas under conveyor belts.

The advantages of this innovative, multi-task skid steer loader are numerous:

  • it preserves the safety of the operators because it is remotely controlled from a safe distance;
  • it reduces considerably time and costs of the intervention, working in dangerous environments without interrupting production;
  • it is extremely easy to maneuver.

Dozer RC can be customised with different accessories (buckets, auger, suction nozzles, hose-carrier), depending on specific customer’s needs, adapting to the type of material to pick up (sludge, liquids, oils, etc.).

Technical Data

Interchangable Options

Suction Configuration

3 + 1 Bucket

Suction Configuration with Auger

Mini radio controlled dozer for moving heavy material in difficult and inaccessible places.