ENZ Nozzles

Innovative solutions in water jetting tools are the core proficiencies of enz. Since founded in 1985, enz has become a worldwide leader. With its own production in Giswil (canton OW, Switzerland), enz is able to deliver within two days. Main export areas include Europe, North America and Asia. In the USA and in the UK, enz has its own subsidiaries. More than 200 partners worldwide strengthen enz as a worldwide leader. Focused on bringing continuous innovative solutions, enz reinvests 10% in R&D. To develop and produce tools in Swiss precision is self-evident for enz. A strong and healthy drive keeps enz looking positive into the future.

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The enz® rotating nozzle is provided with an eccentrically supported rotor, which produces very fast vibrations and pulsating jets. The resulting pulsations become as strong that deposits up to 10cm thickness are disintegrated.

Thanks to the application of the rotopuls nozzle, the more expensive work with the cutting tools or with the chain flail head can be avoided in many cases.

Important: Rotopuls nozzles develop strong hydraulic impacts and vibrations. This can possibly cause damage in some sort of pipes (e.g. earthenware pipes, thinwalled plastic pipes or badly-bedded PVC pipes).



  • The Rotopuls nozzles are conceived to remove middle-hard deposits in pipes of plastic, steel or concrete