The Bull is an underwater ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) created by Gerotto together with Dragflow, leading company in the production of pumps and dredging systems.

The Bull is suitable to remove mud settled on the flat bottoms of underwater environments, hard to reach with normal dredges, such as:

  • lagoons,
  • water drain pipes,
  • cooling towers basins,
  • underground sewer systems.

It is possible to mount an auger-type cutting head or a plastic brush on the rotating head of The Bull, to break up and move the debris towards the opening of the pump. Aspiration of debris is made possible thanks to special heavy duty dredging pumps mounted onboard.

During all operations the The Bull, whose electrical components are placed inside water-proof containers, is connected to a command station on the surface, where the operator can monitor every function from a safe position.

Why choose it?

One of the features that make The Bull special, is the capability to work in on-line, functioning plants, without interrupting the production, thus considerably reducing the time and costs of maintenance for the companies who use Gerotto’s solutions.

Furthermore, thanks to its shape, this Mini Robot Excavator can remove debris and mud with a minimum movement of the water. Limiting the mixing of solids and liquids, the robot carries out the work more efficiently.

Underwater Mini Robot Excavator created for aspiration works from a totally safe distance: it can be attached to Suction Excavators and Industrial Aspirators with any suction diameter.