The Lombrico is a tracked, remote controlled ROV equipped with a suction hose that is connected to the suction unit. It is composed of:

  • complete stainless steel structure;
  • two hydraulic driven rubber tracks;
  • hydraulic manual manifold to control the movements of the robot;
  • quick connection system to the external hydraulic source;
  • video inspection system (optional).

The Lombrico was designed and created to aspirate every type of material obstructing sewer pipes, tunnels, tanks of different dimensions, mines an spaces under conveyor belts, together with Suction Excavators, Vacuum Trucks and Industrial Aspirators, with a suction diameter from 80 mm [3”] to 250 mm [10″].

Since its first version, the Lombrico of Venice has over time been completely redesigned in a modular way and now it is possible to install a wider range of tools that increase its possibilities, making it a very versatile machine.

Why choose it?

Choosing the Lombrico of Venice Mini Robot Excavator by Gerotto Federico S.r.l. brings considerable advantages for all the people involved in the aspiration work, from the operator to the end customer.

The user can rely on:

  • safe position of the operators, thanks to remote control;
  • reduction of manual labour, resulting in a limitation of possible human mistakes;
  • perfect maneuverability of the robot, to reach even the most inaccessible places;
  • reduction of the time of aspiration and of the costs, because shutdown of the plants is no longer necessary.

References: The Lombrico of Venice was named after its usage in the Leonardo Project in 2002, when it was used in the digging and renovation works of the “Rii Terrai”, small underground channels in the historic city center of Venice, obstructed by mud and debris.

Technical Data

Interchangable Options


High Pressure Nozzles

Sludge Nozzle

Bora Nose

Tracked Mini Robot Excavator activated by an external hydraulic system and controlled with a manual manifold.