Gerotto are an Italian based company who have established themselves as suppliers of creative products to that allow for remote controlled robots to clean the hardest and unreachable places keeping operators at a safe distance from the polluting materials. These products provide a solution to traditionally very dangerous cleaning jobs and the robots also have the advantage of being highly customizable.

Gerotto have several robots and mini excavators with some very exciting innovative accessories. Additional information on them can be found at : or our Sales Director at Roadvacs is always available to complete a walkthrough of what these nifty products can achieve.

View our range of Gerotto equipment below

Choosing the Lombrico of Venice Mini Robot Excavator by Gerotto Federico S.r.l. brings considerable advantages for all the people involved in the aspiration work, from the operator to the end customer.

The Gatto is a Mini Robot Excavator suitable for construction and remediation activities, and designed to work together with a suction machine (such as Suction Excavators or Vacuum Trucks) for the removal of different types of materials.

Underwater Mini Robot Excavator created for aspiration works from a totally safe distance: it can be attached to Suction Excavators and Industrial Aspirators with any suction diameter.

Mini Bull has been mainly designed to reach confined spaces where access is often forbidden for operators or which are difficult to reach being very narrow and submerged. 

Atex by Gerotto

For explosion risk areas

The Tank Cleaner category, which includes the ATEX versions of Lombrico and Gatto made by Gerotto, consists of Mini Robot Excavators suitable for cleaning storage tanks with very tough and sticky sludge.

The removal of this sludge was usually carried out putting 12 or 18 people….

FTC-NME (Fuel Tank Cleaning – No Man Entry) is a remote controlled, pneumatic mini robot, equipped with three upper rotating nozzles that can be pointed laterally or frontally and spray high pressure water or chemical products to clean the inner surfaces of the tanks.

FTC-NME is the ideal solution for….

To preserve the safety of operators working in ATEX areas with high explosion risk, Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has created a modular video-inspection system, which can be mounted on Gerotto’s Mini Robot Excavators, and is composed of ATEX zone 0 certified cameras and lights, and monitor display which can be only certified for….

Real World Applications

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