Helicopter 360 6 Tandem

A revolution in the sewer cleaning industry

The right solution if you’re looking for flexible working, deeper suction depths, compact handling of the suction and jetting hoses, unimpeded working in limited spaces, operator protection from traffic, and aerosol liabilities: Efficiency and safety are the foremost attributes of the HELICOPTER 360-6.


Boom system:HELICOPTER 360-6 TANDEM
Guide system:MONO HD
Rotation:up to 360°
Lifting:up to 30°
Lowering:up to 10°
Extension:3000 mm
Operating area right/left:approx. 6 m
Suction hose:1 x 26 m DN 125
1 x 20 m DN 150
Jetting hose:

1 x 500 m DN 25
1 x 300 m DN 32

Hose feed:Tandem


The name says it all. The HELICOPTER 360-6 features an unbeatable scope of operation. Like a helicopter, it rotates 360° around the vehicle in order to bring the suction and jetting hoses into position simultaneously, as well as being able to reach areas of difficult accessibility. You don’t need to give a thought to the suction or jetting hose, whether rotating, extending in or out, lifting or lowering the boom – both hoses are guided automatically.


The HELICOPTER 360-6 unites the suction and jetting hoses in one compact boom. 26 m of DN 125 or 20 m of DN 150 suction hose are stored on a horizontal hose reel. Up to 500 m of DN 25 or 300 m of DN 32 high-pressure hose is stored on a separate hose reel and fed through guide channels into the boom. The combination of hoses enables working to greater depths as well as allowing longer stretches of sewer pipeline to be cleaned.


Operation sites are often situated in areas with challenging traffic conditions, where manhole access is available but there is nowhere to park the vehicle. The extreme flexibility of the HELICOPTER 360- 6 means it can be parked away from the traffic while still allowing access to the manhole. When working in narrow passageways, the boom can be rotated to the front of the vehicle, making complicated shunting of the vehicle a thing of the past.


This boom system, calculated by simulation, is able to withstand a high degree of load pressure. In addition to working areas to the front and rear of the vehicle, it is also possible to work up to 6 m to either side of the vehicle without difficulty. An overload protection system is installed to safeguard the boom against damage.

Currently, sewerage and drainage systems are subject to regular checks and inspections within the framework of preventive maintenance, carried out by public and private companies specialising in waste disposal.

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