200-6 TANDEM

You want flexible working, deeper suction depths, compact guidance of suction and jetting hose, independence when working in limited space, operator protection from traffic and aerosol liabilities: Efficiency and safety are – as well as the HELI 360-6 – foremost with the FRONTLINER 200-6.

Product Features

Boom system: FRONTLINER 200-6 TANDEM
Guide system: Duplex-Carrier
Rotation: up to 200°
Lifting: up to 30°
Lowering: up to 10°
Extension: 3.000 mm
Operation area: ca. 5,6 m / 4,0 m
Suction hose:

  • Drum: 1 x 26 m DN 125
    1 x 20 m DN 150
  • Cassette: 1 x 21 m DN 125/150

Jetting hose: 1 x 400 m DN 32
Hose feed: Tandem



In its class the FRONTLINER 200-6 is capable of an unbeatable area of operation. It rotates 200° around the vehicle in order to bring suction and jetting hose into position simultaneously, as well as being able to reach areas of difficult accessibility. You don’t need to give a thought to the suction or jetting hose, whether rotating, extending in or out, lifting or lowering the boom, the hose is fed automatically.


The FRONTLINER 200-6 unites the suction and jetting hoses in one compact boom. 26 m DN 125 or 20 m DN 150 suction hose is stored on a suction hose cassette. Up to 400 m of high pressure hose DN 32 is stored on a separate hose reel and fed through guide channels into the boom. Both hoses together enable working to greater depths, as well as allowing the cleaning of longer stretches of sewer pipeline.


Safe working conditions are important. In dangerous traffic conditions,you can simply work in a certain distance to the sewer shaft. In difficult aerosol conditions, the vehicle can be operated from a certain distance either. Even noise levels become more acceptable when working from a distance of up to 5,6 m sideways from the FRONTLINER 200-6.


As is often the case, the operation site is situated in areas of challenging traffic conditions, where access to the manhole isavailable but leaving nowhere to park the vehicle. The extreme flexibility of the FRONTLINER 200-6 means it can be parked away from the traffic, still allowing access to the manhole. Intricate shunting of the vehicle has become a thing of the past.


Operation of the FRONTLINER 200-6 is as easy as using a smartphone, via radio or cable remote control, as well as the touch screen of the MU-COCKPIT. The handling of the boom becomes an experience, while setting up and carrying out the actual sewer cleaning operation is much easier.


The versatile operation possibilities, easy handling and the high performance capabilities together with concurrent reduction in workload to the operator, combine to make your sewer cleaning vehicle extremely efficient. You save time for further assignments. The additional initial cost of the boom system is cancelled out in an minimum of time.