Technology You Can Trust

Based in Germany, Muller are an internationally recognised company within the liquid waste management industry, who have the expertise to be able to custom build their recyclers and jet vacs to provide clients with tailored made solutions to meet their needs. Some key aspects about Muller include: 

  1. Technological innovations to reduce the difficulty with drain location using real time GPS tagging – Muller Cockpit Technology
  2. Provide bespoke solutions to meet specific client requirements.
  3. Technical expertise and a culture of innovation, co-operation and trust. Feel free to find out more at: https://www.mueller-umwelt.de/en/

View our range of MÜLLER trucks below


Save Fuel, time and water. The Recycler unit is at least 60% more efficient than a traditional combination unit when assuming equal capacities.

A serious combination unit Canalmaster from Muller uses powerful jetting and vacuum performance for deep sewer cleaning and maintenance. 


The right solution if you’re looking for flexible working, deeper suction depths, compact handling of the suction and jetting hoses, unimpeded working in limited spaces.

The right solution if you need flexible working, deeper suction depths, unimpeded guidance of suction and jetting hoses when working in limited spaces.

Special Builds

We can provide custom specialised builds to suit your requirements such as the Muller Agromover. This vehicle has off road capabilities for hard to access areas. Please contact us for more information about our specialised builds to see how we can help.