Product Options

  • Robust construction and easy maintenance
  • Increased cleaning power
  • Simple operation of water treatment system
  • Water-saving and conservation of drinking-water resources
  • High filling capacity of the sludge tank through a separate filtration chamber in the discharge cap
  • Very good water quality for high-pressure pumps and the cleaning nozzles
  • Choice of either a fixed partition or a discharge piston as an adjustable partition in the cylindrical tank (between the sludge tank and water chamber)
  • The use of muddy water close to the surface reduces the workload for the filtration system
  • Arrangement for easy handling and cleaning of the filter chamber with a ring filter in the discharge cap
  • Sludge tank optionally available with discharge by tipping or forced emptying (with piston)
  • Vane vacuum pump with additional outlets for external transfer requirements
  • Simple changeover to conventional suction and cleaning operation
  • Option to retrofit the water treatment system in suction and cleaning vehicles with conventional technology
  • On customer request, the sludge tank can be built with type approval in accordance with GGVSE/ADR regulations
  • High profitability through efficient cleaning of sewer systems
  • Ecological design incorporates features that help reduce noise
  • High-level quality through in-house component design and continuous quality control during the production process
  • Wide range of optional equipment for flexible adaptation to special applications
  • Rapid continuous run-down of suction hose in inlet wells using a maintenance-free drive
  • Technology that has been proven effective in numerous operations, plus a convincing service guarantee, for total security
  • Wide range of accessories for multiple applications

1. Sludge chamber/sludge tank
2. Suspended solids separator
3. Swivel pipe with float ball
4. Filter chamber
5. Filter drum

6. Scraper
7. Vane vacuum pump
8. Cyclone battery
9. Sedimentation chamber
10. Water reservoir chamber

11. Suction pipe, flow-optimised
12. High-pressure pump
13. Filling line for conventional operation
14. Spray bar
15. Emptying piston / movable partition wall


Our ECONOMIC tank model mainly consists of a cylindrical tank:

  • with a fixed partition between the sludge tank and water chamber, and emptying by tipping, or
  • discharge with a piston for forced emptying, and with an adjustable partition that allows the volume to be varied between the sludge tank and water chamber.

The water treatment system comprises several cleaning stages and works continuously:

  • Separation of suspended matter and silt through stainless steel filter pivotally mounted in the sludge tank inside the filter chamber.
  • Filtration chamber with electro-hydraulically driven ring filter and rotary joint in the discharge cover
  • Vane vacuum pump for pumping muddy water from the ring filter to the stainless-steel separator (cyclone battery) that serves to separate abrasive substances (sand)
  • Settling basin (laminar water entry via large openings) and sedimentation zones in the water chamber
  • Equipment for conventional operation of the superstructure

Currently, sewerage and drainage systems are subject to regular checks and inspections within the framework of preventive maintenance, carried out by public and private companies specialising in waste disposal.