Perfect for emptying septic tanks and industrial cleaning with vacuum pump and high pressure jetting. For example; removal of oil, grease or petrol separators, acids or alkali is no problem with this vehicle.

Available Options

  • Heated cabinets for jetting hose reels, jetting pumps and tool cabinets. Heated valves.
  • Hot water jetting system: Makes it easier when handling grease and when working with industrial cleaning.
  • Adjustable water pressure from radio.
  • Transfer pump. Capacity 1 500 L/min (330 gallons/min). Your choice when working, for example, with flooded areas.
  • High pressure jetting in sludge compartment: For easy debris removal.
  • Tool cabinet.
  • Sanitary cabinet: With warm water for washing of hands, room for soap dispenser.
  • Hose reels with swivel, pivotal with swivel or foldable with swivel. Hose reels on both sides. Storage reel and fixed with swivel.

Very flexible unit with a wide spectrum of variants and options


– In stainless steel (304).
– Volume: up to 20m3 (4 400 gallons).
– Different solutions of water and sludge compartments.

Vacuum pump

– Hydraulically driven.
– Capacity: 15 500 L/min – 33 000 L/min (550 cfm – 1 200 cfm).
– Type: Vane or blower pumps.
– Integrated secondary tank or externally mounted cyclone. Designed to achieve optimal effect and to protect against over suction.

Blower Pumps to increase :   

(a)    Depth of suction capacity
(b)     Longer Suction Efficiency
(c)     Payload carrying capacity

Suction Hose Reel

Safe working conditions are important. In dangerous traffic conditions,you can simply work in a certain distance to the sewer shaft. In difficult aerosol conditions, the vehicle can be operated from a certain distance either. Even noise levels become more acceptable when working from a distance of up to 5,6 m sideways from the FRONTLINER 200-6.

High Pressure Jetting Pump

– Hydraulically driven.
– Type: Pratissoli 3 cylinder piston pump.
– Capacity: 93 L/min at 200 bar. (20,5 gallons/min at 2 900 psi)
– Mounted in stainless steel cabinet. past.

Jetting Hose Reel

– Hydraulically driven. Mounted on the right side and protected in a stainless steel cabinet.
– Capacity on reel is 120 meter ½” jetting hose.


– Hose trays made from stainless steel and integrated with the tank.
– Storage cabinets made in stainless steel, lockable and rubber seal on the doors plus internal lighting with plastic lining on the bottom.