We have over 50 years experience in the production of mobile jetti ng and suction units culminating in our latest models, the SUPER COMBI, MEDIUM COMBI, CITY COMBI, MZ and VAC.
Our staff are long term employees with a wealth of experience and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in good customer care and keep regular contact with our clients, seeking to enhance further development of our units. Low noise levels and emissions are key elements of the Rolba product range. Our mission is to supply the market with products that are operator friendly, highly efficient, with health and safety in mind at all times.

This machine has a unique “tank inside a tank” configuration, therefore no need for saddle tanks.  This feature gives excellent stability whilst driving on the road and also gives better weight distribution whilst off-road working.  The ROLBA SUPER COMBI also benefits from its own compartment for housing the two jetting reels which can be heated.  This special feature enables the customer to be able to work with the machine in cold winter conditions.

Available Options

  • Transfer pump. Capacity 1 500 L/min (330 gallons/min). Your choice when working, for example, with flooded areas.
  • High pressure jetting in sludge compartment: for easy debris removal.
  • Adjustable water pressure from radio.
  • 1 1/4” high pressure hose.
  • Heated cabinets for jetting hose reels, jetting pumps and tool cabinets. Heated valves.
  • Hot water jetting system: Makes it easier when handling grease and when working with industrial cleaning.
  • Twin high pressure jetting pumps: Can be operated separately.
    Capacity: 510 L/min at 150 bar
    (112 gallon 2175 psi)
  • ADR.
  • Acid proof tank (316).

Very flexible unit with a wide spectrum of variants and options

Central Control System

Protected in lockable stainless steel cabinet. All electrical equipment in one place.

ADR Available

Remote Control

Easy to operate. With many different functions.

High pressure jetting hose reels

1/2” and 1” reels operates independently of each other. Pivotal 170 degrees.


4” or 5” suction hose.

Suction hose reel

Reel for storage. Operated manually or by remote control.