Whale High Pressure Built-in Machine

160 – 170 bar | 43 – 55 LPM | 14.7 – 17.7 kW

PTC offers you the Whale Sewer Cleaning Units, which are available in versions with a pressure of 160 to 170 bar, a water output of 43 to 55 LPM and a capacity of 14.7 to 17.7 kW. The Whale built-in machine has a capacity of 300 or 500 liters and is driven by gasoline. Furthermore, these sewer cleaning machines or units are relatively low in pressure, but because of their high water yield and compact construction, they are very suitable for working in locations that are difficult to access. The units are mainly compatible with small sized vehicles, which makes cleaning possible on pavements, narrow roads, tunnels, underground garages and construction sites, for example. The excellent quality and reliability of these units guarantee very high efficiency and very low operating costs.


Pressure: 160 – 170 bar 
Flow: 43 – 55 LPM 
Power: 14.7 – 17.7 kW 
Capacity: 300/500 liters 
Propulsion: Gasoline 
Versions: Basic version || 2nd HP Reel version || Power Haspel version 
Applications: Pipe rinsing, pipe washing, glue and paint removal, descaling of steel plates and blocks, tank cleaning, cleaning of wells, streets and roads and other difficult to access industrial applications.



  • Cold water
  • Customization possible
  • SIR certified
  • Comet TW Premium High pressure pump
  • Remote control for the system (except Basic version)
  • Pulse system (optional)
  • Electric reel (optional)

Overview of available Whale built-in machines

Fashion modelFlowBusyTypePower
Whale 43/17043 l / min170 barHonda GX63014.7 kW
Whale 55/16055 l / min160 barHonda GX69017.7 kW